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Best year Speed Triple 05-07

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I am new to this forum today and am in the market for a Speed Triple. I have read most of the forums, but was unable locate a search function to find what year is rated best. I like the style of the 05-07 and would rather buy that one, new or used. The best I have found so far is a new 06 black for 9499.00 OTD in California. Is that a good price???

Thanks for any imput,
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My pal has an 04 model; mine is an 05. We rode a few thousand miles together in Germany over the summer and can say that unless you really push hard there is not a massive difference between the bikes. A few BHP right across the range.
For me its the look of the 1050 that does it for me.

On 2006-12-25 10:21, highside299 wrote:
Are there any other suggestions of earlier models that are better that the current model?? Getting an older used one is fine by me as long as it is clean with a clear title.
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