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Bent my front wheel

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So noticing a nice wobble when i'm going 75KM+, got the bike on the bench, and spun the front wheel, and noticed a good weave.

Could I get that true'ed? Is that a DIY project?

Also looking at some ALPINA wheel information posted on here. What's the latest?

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Don't know about truing your wheel... sure sounds like a good time to upgrade. If you want the latest and greatest info on Alpina, just contact this guy...
Bayside Performance on SE Marine Drive can probably get you new wheels. That will cost $$$.
It's a do it yourself project if you've done it before or learned from a master. Otherwise it's very frustrating. You are going to have to see if the rim is still circular or if it's out of round as well. I have to bet that in Vancouver there are more than a few wheel rebuilders. Certainly here in London there are, including one of the greats.
Spoked wheels? Can you true them yourself?
You can do anything yourself if you know how to do it.
That's what I meant :)
Answer to the OP's question:

If you have spoked wheels, then yes, truing them is a DIY project as long as they are not too far gone. I can post links to a couple of good tutorials if that is the case. I have respoked and trued wheels myself with nothing more than basic equipment, and it is straighforward if a little fiddly and time-consuming.

If they are cast wheels, then no.
Ya, it's a spoke wheel. I'll investigate some of the truing techniques. Shop I take my bike too, said he could help truing the wheel if I wanna learn.

I like the spoke wheel look, got intouch with JCmoto regarding the alpina wheels.

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