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Belt Drive for Tiger?

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Has anybody thought about or done it? I wonder how well
converting from chain to belt drive would affect Tigers.

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I've had all three and I reckon that each has it's merits, depending on the bike.

My belter was a GPz305 back in the eighties on which I despatched. A wonderfully efficient drive system, it hardly ever needed adjusting and the only maintenance required was a dusting of talcom powder every now and then. I lost heart with it when it decided to take on a stone and lost.

With a chain, if it snaps, you can usually get a replacement fairly quickly and feed it through. I think I was waiting about ten days for a new belt from the big K. When I PX'd for the Gpz550 I immediately remembered why I hated chains!

I've had three Guzzis and I thought 'ah, this is more like it' , as you do. Despite rigourous attention to serving I managed to chew up the rear drive box of my Monza which in fairness was quite easy to repair. So ever after, I've not felt 100% comfortable with shafts either...and of course, you'll be lucky to find a replacement on the shelf at your local bike shop.

Times have moved on haven't they? O rings, Scottoilers and the like make it far more sensible than it was to lash on that ancient oily device that the Tiger boasts.

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Trotts, my 305 blew up at 12,000 miles and I PX'd it when it sounded ready to go again at 27,000.

Big end bearing = new crank courtesy of big K. Apparently the crank is based on the 250 and when applying the extra torque and power of the 305 they have a tendency to let go. This was despite my meticulous attention to maintenance which included dealer services plus oil changes by me twice as often as recommended....but at that time I had a reputation for finding weak the spot on a vehicle!.

A real shame because in every other respect it was an excellent design and probably the most efficient bike I have owned. They are very cheaop on the second hand market nowadays!

As far as the belt goes, this was a little wider but no where near as wide as a HD. It's only Kawasaki, Buell and HD who have made a go of it but in recent years none of the technically advanced Japanese manufacturers seem to have bothered at all.

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