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BellaCorse Air Box Removal Kit

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Have any of you usedd this kit or have one on your bike?

Just curious on the quality and how it compares to the other ones out there. Looks as though it may have a bit more to offer?
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On 2007-02-06 23:49, DrEnglish wrote:
I have it. At the time I bought it, it was aluminum in a world where other kits were steel, and cost was about the same. Mine came with a flat billet/milled carb support rather than the turnbuckle one in the photo, and although the piece is actually cooler than a turnbuckle, it's a little trickier to install, IMHO.

Any of the ARKs seems like a good choice. You'll get more oomph, and a lot more air intake noise. Vroom!
Ditto! I have the (N) ARK and am thrilled. Simple carb brace that does the trick perfectly. The induction roar is terrific and when you fire her up you feel the carbs between your legs! Does it for me.
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