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Installed a Beeline Moto on the Scrambler. I don't like big screens like the Garmin or TomTom devices, so this was my only option.
I also got the optional bar clamp mount and the carry case. I was expecting a cheap plastic mount and thought it was rather expensive for what it was. Much to my surprise, this is a heavy and very well made metal mount, no cheap plastic here! It comes with rubber inserts for different diameter bars. I had hoped to install it just next to the handlebar clamp, but none of the rubber inserts fit. I ended up installing it next to the mirror. Perfect fit.

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The mount can be turned in 22.5° steps, but that is something they could improve on. I could not install it perfectly aligned. Smaller 12° steps or so would be better, but that's a bit nitpicking I guess.

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The case is worth the money as well. I wasn't planning on ordering it, but I got it for free. It's semi hard plastic and leaves a bit of room to store some small items like earplugs. Nice.

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I tested the Beeline on a couple of short trips and it works really well. It's a bit different to a normal navsat and takes a bit of getting used to. There's no spoken directions, only a big arrow and the distance to the next turn. Inside the arrow pictograms appear like roundabouts and such. The dot indicates the direction of the next turn.
I don't think it's suited for city centers with roads close together though. I'm sure it'll get confused there. Luckely it recalculates when taking a wrong turn.
All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. It's small, well made and directions are clear enough for me :).
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