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.....try again brooksie
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I bought a kit from them for my bike....I was disappointed to find that there were no instruction's included with the kit. If you go to there are instruction's there that will guide you.

Do you already have the kit?

Aside from no included instruction's I was pleased with the kit overall, pretty decent fit and finish to the parts.
...A sawzall....LOL

Dam Brooksie...all ya needed was a jack to lift the rear of the bike.

:hihi: :razz:

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I have the billet intakes as well, in hindsight I don't know that I would do it again...I'm sure the difference on paper...( dyno ) minimal at best.

Larry offer's good advice....don't believe everything your told. Also if you really want to get the most out of the bike...get it on a dyno. Preferably a local one that you can return to on a regular basis so you can compare benefit's of mod's that you do in the future.

I'd love to see pic's of the sawzall removal method.... :hammer:
My point?
Modify, rip up, tear into, Sawsall, tweek your Bonnie all you want; but do it because you enjoy doing that sorta thing. The gains in performance will be ever-so-slight, and your Bonnie twin will remain a Bonnie twin. You can not make a tame retro cruiser into a screaming big-twin monster simply by spending big bucks on cams, an air box elimination kit, and loud pipes. But if you like doing that sorta thing, there sure are a lot of parts-is-parts to choose from!

I beg to differ sir...( insert evil grin here )...

imo your exactly right's the added compression that make's the 904 such a smooth torquey producer.

I recall reading that someone had installed aftermarket carbs and saying they felt the carbs added as much or more than the bb kit...after installing my carbs, I agree with that comment and would recommend anyone looking for performance enhancement to do so.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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