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.....try again brooksie
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I did the BC airbox replacement, had to get my instructions from too. I also have the TORs. I'm happy with the increase in power, but my best dyno run was 59hp. That's with the 145 main jets, too. But whatever the number, the best thing is the powerband is nice and linear, no big dip in the middle anymore. It feels more 'alive' now in the midrange.
I would also beg to differ ... is it worth $500? - probably not. But you can do the full bafflectomy, gut the airbox yourself and run the K&N cone filters, rejet, and you will enjoy a real change in the quality and quantity of power, i.e. more responsive and more willing to wind out. Or, you can ride it stock and still be perfectly happy.

But then ... it's hard to own one of the last bikes sold with carbs, and not carry on the tradition of "tweaking" and tuning ...
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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