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.....try again brooksie
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I had an '05 790 with the restrictor plate removed from the air box, K&N, bellmouth, Thruxton needles, and self modified D&D's. On the same Dyno I frequent for bikes of past, it Dyno'ed at 61+ SAE.

Then I sold the bike.
However before I sold the BonnieBlack, I returned it to it's stock configuration save for the ristrictor plate. I returned the stock needles, stock air filter, and stock pipes onto the bike.

My story:
I noticed little difference in the pleasure of riding my Bonnie when it was tamer and quieter with the stock/"restrictive" parts back in place. It was smoooother, the power more linear, and I can't help but think that those rubber mounts on the stock mufflers ELIMINATE a large bulk of (muffler) vibration.

What configuration will I settle on for my Red project bike?
I'm not removing the restrictor plate, nor do I have ANY desire to eliminate the air box. Gotta have the K&N & bellmouth ('cause I paid the big bucks for 'em.....), going with Thruxton needles, and plan to run my modified D&D's. And someday I may actually weld the factory muffler mounting system to the cans I end up with at the end of another year of riding.

My point?
Modify, rip up, tear into, Sawsall, tweek your Bonnie all you want; but do it because you enjoy doing that sorta thing. The gains in performance will be ever-so-slight, and your Bonnie twin will remain a Bonnie twin. You can not make a tame retro cruiser into a screaming big-twin monster simply by spending big bucks on cams, an air box elimination kit, and loud pipes. But if you like doing that sorta thing, there sure are a lot of parts-is-parts to choose from!
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Okay, I'm convinced.

Though an air box removal & pods sound cool, I'm going to
come clean about being lazy..... even though the bike is
currently apart and air box easily accessable. 'Sides, I've spent too much money on this project as it is. So I'm keeping the air box in.

That said, may I ask for help removing the divider plate????

I've got the little 790 Black, and I've read differing stories about the removal. I've read that it requires breaking tabs, and I've read it can be done without any trauma to yer parts is parts.

Does somebody have a link to instructions for removing the divider/restrictor plate on the little 790?
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1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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