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I've heard good things about these guys ........WestCo

There are other brands importing the same type battery but this is the only Brand that I always hear good things about.

Here's one of the import brands from E-Bay.........Bike Batts
He is the only one I found willing to ship to Canada. You want an AGM type battery not a GEL battery.

Other links ............

SVR Battery
Battery Mart
M/C Batteries
Batteries to Go

You'll find a couple of the brands default to the WestCo battery. That means either they are pretty dam good or they have a good portion of the market share.

Just a side note since we both have an RS...... :-D

My bike came standard with the 12V12-B but it should have come with the 12V14-B. The 12V16-B will also fit, but just barely. I was always taught the bigger the better in a battery so when mine does surrender to age (soon) I will at least get the one it should have come with. The only difference between the three is the power reserves and the height.


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