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Basic toolkit for many maintenance tasks

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Triumph provided just two tools with my Speedmaster; one for rear suspension adjustment and one for everything else. Both are made from metal as soft as cheese. They're just pointless rubbish.
I like to do basic maintenance myself, so have assembled a small kit that fits almost everything I need into an 8x2x3.5 inch leather tool roll.
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The roll is just two fancy pencil cases that I repurposed. Unrolling it reveals some tools and a smaller case that contains tools I use infrequently.
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The main part of the toolkit contains an 8 + 10 mm combination wrench, 12mm and 13mm wrenches, a 1/4inch drive T handle for the various bits and sockets, long nose grips, 14mm, 12mm and 8mm sockets, and the following driver bits: Torx T40, Allen 5mm, No 2 Phillips, and 6mm wide flat screwdriver.
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Also spare fuses and 3 zip ties.

The infrequent tools are a 12 + 14 mm combination wrench, Torx bits size T50, T45, Allen bits size 8mm and 6mm. And a Torx T27 just in case a Harley rider needs help.
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I always take this entire kit with me when away any longer than a day-trip. A tire pressure gauge and rear suspension adjuster are also essential tools but they live permanently under the seat. Unfortunately, there isn't room under the seat even for this tiny toolkit.

The two essential maintenance tools that I couldn't fit in the leather pencil case (a 27 + 24 combination wrench, front axle tool) go in a larger canvas and leather pouch that also contains useful emergency items like tire goo, tire levers, pump, patches etc. Because the larger canvas pouch is mostly emergency stuff rather than maintenance tools, it only gets packed if there's room in my luggage after other stuff that I'm 100% certain I'll use, like clothes, toothbrush, rain gear, sun glasses, camera etc.
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Very nicely done Angus! I've done similar kits, but never packaged them as smartly as you have. Nice! Add some duct tape wrapped around a small can of WD-40 and you can do anything! :cool:
Thanks for putting the tool carry list out, much appreciated.
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