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Oké guys, I've read alot of posts and scooped the internet on how to DIY the good ol' bafflectomy. I Fell in love with the open pipe sound but missing were the looks (of the mufflers) and friendly people's faces ... They were also missing:)

Anyhow, got me some stock pipes and figured ... Let's go on the DIY Bafflectomy because simply did not have the cash for Predetors or anything. I do want the Sound to come out somewhere in between and I had nothing to loose.

Here we go! I had A 90mm ring so used that to determine and Mark to where to cut the pipes. I decided to Go with the 90mm hole to have the opertunity to penetrate further and Get A holesaw to fit over that Second innertube.

I decided to Go for the Second Chamber and get a 68mm hole saw that would fit over the ofset innertube and Centre the hole. That actually took me 2 good qualitytime holesaws, one for each muffler.

Finished of the edges and went for some black matte paint for the insides and the edges where I ofcourse cut through the chrome.

So ... Was this worth it you might ask. Well ... Maybe it is sexyer to get predators ... Maybe they might just have A Sophisticated Rumble ... But I tell you this ... The Sound is deep, hard, gurgles like a T-Rex kicked in the grill when you enginebrake arround 5000rpm.

If you guys would like it I'll put up A clip with the Sound. I apologize already!



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