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We are really excited to introduce our latest two piece suit.

The description from the website:

For those who prefer the more traditional jacket and pants combo, it simply can't get better than the Navigator suit. There has been no 2 piece textile suit in our lineup for more than a year because this time we wanted to create the ultimate outfit. Hence an incredible amount of thought, research, testing and time has been put into the development of this suit. We took our sweet time to develop this amazing suit - we can assuredly say that is one of the most comfortable, versatile and protective suits in the market.

  • The most abrasion resistant hi-tech fabrics including the latest ceramic plated SuperFabric that puts Kevlar to shame
  • Top rated Sas-Tec armor that blows past the CE standards including a back protector that far exceeds CE Level 2 requirements.
  • Innovative and versatile weatherproofing solutions that will allow you to traverse incredible temperature and weather ranges
  • Pants are semi-custom as standard - ensuring you get the right fit
  • The liners are optional - allowing you to opt for the stuff you need and skip what you don't.
  • Choose your own color scheme with hundreds of color possibilities
  • Absolutely the best value - more suit for your buck! Feel free to compare us against anything.
Here are the highlights of the suit:

  • Shell is made entirely from original 500D Cordura
  • Huge SuperFabric ballistic panels
  • Sas-Tec state of the art elbow, shoulder, hip and knee armor
  • Amazing Sas-Tec CE Level 2 back protector
  • A new comfortable collar design with tab to keep collar open when the temperatures rise
  • Reflective stripes stylishly integrated into the design
  • Several pockets including a huge backpack-style back pocket and a clear arm pocket
  • Stretch panels on the knees, elbows and shoulders
  • Vents on the arms, underarms, chest, knees and back
  • Dual front flap for improved weatherproofing
  • A new grippy seat design
  • A new cuff design for a more comfortable fit
  • A wide range of adjustability for a fine tuned fit

There are many small touches to this outfit that will only become apparent once you put some miles on the suit. Take the pants cuffs as an example. On the inside edge, there is a zippered gusset which allows your to adjust the fit of the cuff to fit both inside and outside a boot
On the outside edge, there is a zipper that opens up the pants to allow easy on/off for tall boots.

let me know if you folks have any questions about this suit. or just give us a call at 888-808-8349 and we can help you out with sizing.
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