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Is your bike in need of some fresh tires? Shop for a wide selection of Avon Motorcycle Tires!!!

Avon Roadrider Tire Combo

Price: $209.99

Product Description:

-Large contact patch for excellent grip at all lean angles.

-V Speed rated (149mph/250kmh) across the entire range.

-Interrupted center groove to resist tracking.

-Wide range of sizes and matching tread design front and rear.

-Perfect for commuter and traditional bikes.

-Bias-ply construction.

Avon Venom Tire Combo

Price: $259.99

Product Description:

-Unique sequential pattern produces exceptionally quiet ride.

-Advanced casing construction for low rolling resistance, cooler running, and high mileage.

-Multiarc tread contour for light, neutral turn in and cornering stability.

-Tread grooves designed to resist tracking.

-NWW - Narrow White Wall.

-WWW - Wide White Wall.

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