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I live near Lyme Regis in (Old) England and have just bought a 1960 Triumph T3A. It's got a great story behind it.

It was bought as a non-runner by an RAF jet fighter pilot. He gave it to his dad who had just retired as chief engineer of Heathrow Airport. Dad took the bike apart and performed a nut and bolt rebuild using original parts. He ditched the bathtub and the roman helmet mudguard and went for a more classic stripped down look.

He then gave the bike back to his son who used it to ride from the Pilot's Mess across the airfield to his jet fighter every time they were scrambled to chase off the Russian Bear recce planes. He would then land his jet, taxi to his bike, and ride back to the mess. How cool is that!

As a consequence, the bike has done a mere 127 miles in twenty years since the rebuild. I've only had it a couple of days and done one ride out on it, but what a blast !!!!!

I've had many Jap bikes, including a fireblade, which I rode for six years and covered 56,000 miles, but I've always wanted a classic British bike. The Trumpy has not let me down, I love it. However, before I use it too much, there is a technical issue with the ignition lamp which I will be posting in the technical section.

Looking forward to rattling the windows in sleepy Lyme Regis.


How do I post a photograph on this site?
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