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After significant research and a fabulous technical test and write-up by a British performance bike magazine I have decided to install an Arrow steering damper to my 08 Speed Triple. (The Arrow was by far the best.)

OK; to subvert the inevitable respones: I know that some of you think that if you need a damper then you are riding the bike poorly. Well, maybe I am. So what? I ocaisionaly hit a pot hole on my local country roads while under hard acceleration and the first time I had a full-on tank slappler I nearly soiled myself.

Anyway, despite my desire to instal one of these puppies, I cannot find a kit for the speedy.

With the Rizoma "clip ons" I will likely have to use a side mount set-up. The down side to this is that it is vulnerable in a spill, but I can live with that. I had a side-mount on my 82 RD350LC and it was easy to use.

So, any guidance on a fit-kit for the Arrow on an 08 S3?
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