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Running a stainless 2-1 with a stainless peashooter. On mine with a push-in head, found fitting the exhaust fiddly, seemed very tight, but may have been me. The silencer fitted straight on, but I would have preferred the clamping lug not to have been on the inside rubbing against the frame. I believe that using any other pipes rather than the 2-1, would give more clearance against the frame, or a silencer with a separate clamp, rather than built-in. Quality good, look nice, browns over time, but that comes off with solvol. Silencer sounds lovely. Mine needed a stud ( not mentioned or supplied - although the mounts were fitted ) to clamp the two halves together, otherwise as I found, it can shake itself out of the head. Afraid that's the only one of their products I've used. Would I got back to them again? Yes, but with this stainless system, it's going to be a long time before I need to.
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