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The April 2009 edition of Road Bike has an excellent review of the 2008 and 2009 Triumph Bonneville. They “highly recommend” the bike, calling it “a classic mix of head turning looks with modern amenities and reliability”, and “it cultivates sane, calm, and relaxed riding in a world gone hyper”!
They label the Bonneville “a motorcycle that is so easy to ride they can recommend it for newbies, yet it’s a bike they won’t outgrow.” And, “It’s a bike you’ll spend hours in the garage polishing”!
They also say that Triumph got the new fuel injected 2009 Bonneville “just right”, and that this Bonnie “is everything it always was, and maybe a tad more…”

Good reading, this, and there’s a lot more like it in the article. It’s encouraging me even more to seek out a new 2009 Bonneville, as soon as I can get together the wherewithal..!
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