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Anyone use Rotella T Synthetic?

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It is 5w40 and apparently it is pretty popular in the sport bike and sport-touring arenas. Seems like everyone on the 'Busa board, VFR board, Aprilia boards are using it.

I just changed my oil in my S3 and put the Rotella oil in. Transmission is much smoother...haven't ridden it long enough to notice any other changes.

By the way, the Rotella T Synthetic is available at Walmart and only cost around $16 for a gallon
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I've had the rotella in for about 3500 miles. No problems. Love the price and the performance.

You ride aggressive? Wheelies or anything?
No track days or anything like that, yet. I'm pretty conservative on the bike. The only wheelies I'v done have been by accident.
I have used it in my Olds Van for a while now and it seems to work great!
I wasn't a fan at first...but a lot of motorcyclists seems to be using it. Apparently it is becoming a popular choice in the wet-clutch bikes because it doesn't have some of the additives that cause clutch slippage.
It also works really well in John deere ,Massey Fergusun,and other assorted farm tractors,we run it in the the heavy equipment where I work. one of those things that make you go HMMM.
If 5w40 is what is recommended for your model, then there is no reason it shouldn't be quite OK, but for my '99 the recommended is 15w/40 or is it 15w/50? Either way, a 5w oil may be too light.

May be worth checking with an oil expert.


Mick :cool:
On 2006-11-08 00:13, miker wrote:

May be worth checking with an oil expert.


Mick :cool:
There is at least 500 of them on this website :-D :-D
There is at least 500 of them on this website :-D :-D
No, not quite, but there are certainly about 500 oil threads! :wink: :hammer:

Mick :cool:
It is my understanding that it is used frequently it diesel engines because the lack of additives help in soot control - a main problem of diesel engines.
I run the T6 rotella 5w40 in my cbr600 at the track...
but the S3 manual says 10w40 or 15w40.

I would not run 5w...maybe too thin in cold.
needs 10w for cold.
I run it in mine. Great shifting, engine is a bit loud on a cold start, but I live in South Florida, and the bike does not see anything below 50 degrees.
I run it in everything including my track bike. Have for many thousand miles in cars, bikes, etc.
It's just oil. Why always all the fuss on these forums? Is it synthetic? Yes. Is it rated specifically for motorcycles? Yes. Is it within the proper range for oil weight for your vehicle? Yes. Then YES it is JUST FINE!
Holy Mother of all Zombie Oil Threads!
I believe most of the original posters have now graduated on to Lil Rascal Scooters and Sansabelt pants...
Great oil! Shifting improved a lot!
I've been running mobil1..and shifting is clunky. ugh

So everyone running the T6 rotella (blue bottle) has not had any problems - correct ? How many approx miles have you all been running on it ?

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