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Anyone running a Speed Triple Igniter/ECU?

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I came across a speed triple igniter on ebay for a reasonable price, so I went for it. (really only bought it to get a few more HP on one dyno run for bragging rights :blush: )

It plugs right up. I go to start the bike and no spark. Swap back in my old igniter and it fires right up. Am I missing something? Are there other components I need, compatibility issues, or did I just pay $120 for a bum igniter?

(most of the back of the airbox is gone, 42 pilots, 142.5 mains, factory pro needles, 955 sprint cams, D&D 3>3. No dyno run yet. Hopefully next week.)
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Just a thought.............
Does the sidestand circuit match up? I thought this had to be modified?

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