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Hi there,

I dunno about you guys, but it seems that the stock bars and even many of the aftermarket bars our few custom parts suppliers have don't quite get to the feel of the original bonnies. For my money, these particular bar shapes (pics below) really evoke the triumphs of that era, and many I see around have this type of bar. I currently have mbars which are kinda like this, but don't really come close. The western bars that are sold currently don't really come close either

My question is, does anyone know if there is a name for this shape, and is anyone doing anything like it for thenew bonnie ? It seems to have less rise than stock and they come back down sharply towards the grips. i think someone once called them "gullwings" ??? I jknow that all three samples aren't identical but they are the general vibe of what I'm looking for.

Also, what is the maximum width a bar can go to before the stock cables need changing ?

Would it be easy to have some 1" bar bent to this spec ?

Any thought / ideas appreciated.


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