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Anyone go to the Hansen dam Brit rally today?

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My friggin bike is down, but i stopped by while out doing chores in the cage anyways. Saw some great looking bikes, the most beautiful IMO being a Trident like the one in the "bonnie FI" post. I stood there drooling over it for a good while. Gotta be my fav triumph ever of all the meridan bikes. Just gorgeous. I seem to recall they were rather undependable, but they sure were beautiful.
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I was there,sorry I missed ya in the sea of bikes and people.I saw MES and JoeRockhead as well.
Wow that was a 300 ++ mile day for me,I'm beat.
I saw that Trident too.
I was bummed i couldn't ride there, and i got there rether late. I'm sure you guys were there long before me. There weren't a lot of bikes by the time i arrived cuz i guess they were all runnin the canyons. You shoulda brought that post about it back.....mighta got some more people to show. Figures my friggin bike had to be down now ! :mad:
Heres some pics (BIR clan and others included - mostly bikes though)

Great ride and group of people and I was drooling over most of the bikes (I soo want a Tri-Nor-Vin, either one).

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Forgive me Bob ! I meant to say I saw you too!I posted that right after I got home ,I wasn't too sharp at the time .
On 2006-11-05 21:28, meatwagon wrote:
Forgive me Bob ! I meant to say I saw you too!I posted that right after I got home ,I wasn't too sharp at the time .
Hey, I'm not supposed to be seen. No photos, no one gets hurt.
I was there. Saw some amazing bikes. Was bowled over by the Vincents and the 1927 Velocette.
Nice gathering, thanks for the pictures.-T1
Whats the deal with that bike that says norton on the tank but seems to sport a triumph engine? Granted, i'm by no means knowledgable on the history of british bikes, but thats the first i've ever seen like that.
If I'm not mistaken that was a classic cafe racer mod.

The Norton featherbed frames were considered to be the best. The Triumph and Vincent motors were considered superior.

A lot of different motors got shoved into those great Norton frames.
On 2006-11-06 09:42, dazco wrote:
Whats the deal with that bike that says norton on the tank but seems to sport a triumph engine? Granted, i'm by no means knowledgable on the history of british bikes, but thats the first i've ever seen like that.
Hiltz is correct, these are named Triton (Triumph engine, Norton frame) or Norvin (Norton frame, Vincent engine). The history of these bikes can be found here:

Wikipedia - Triton (will lead to Norvin)
Late post. I was tired
What I did on the weekend. (I'll spare everbody the details of a 300 miler we did on friday where we had to punch through cloud base for 10 miles and visability was down to 20')

for those that have allready "winterized" your bikes you may want to stop reading now, 'lest depression sets in.

There were plenty of shiny bikes there. BSA seemed to very well represented. Of course there were plenty of Nortons too.
There was a very nice example of a Norvin (that bike was seriously loved). A 450 ducati also stands out in my mind.
The weather was great. 86* and sunny. The wind was pretty tame considering we were in the middle of a Santa Anna.
Being as it was Sunday and the weather was perfect, everybody and their grandma was up on the Crest playing. There must have been a local sports car group meeting because we saw a couple of little knots of 'Vettes" and an odd Ferrari or two. Plenty of HDs loping along. There were a ton of bullet bikes up there. I think that they were kinda bummed because they did not seen nearly as friendly as usual. Not to many "wingers" though.
I did notice that there was a conspicuous absence of Speedmasters, Americas and rocket 3s. conversely, the BIR and the boys from SD were there in force. I didn't envy them the ride home. Guess that's the price you pay for 'repping :0
Even though it was very crowded, I was pleasantly surprised to see that everybody was respecting the yellow line. Things can get pretty ugly when you have that kind of mix in the twisties.
It is not unusual to see the aftermath of a couple of accidents and this weekend was no exception.
One looked to be a brain fart and the only real damage was to the riders pride and a busted mirror and scraped fairing.
The second looked to be much more serious.
Our group was held up for a while as he road crews dealt with the aftermath. I saw 4 bikes and 3 riders and on that curve that means that one went skydiving. Those boys were looking distinctly pale as I rode by. That corner is a must make, if you don't your dead. It is unmarked (except for the crosses) and there is no guard rail. Sad part is that it won't even make the paper much less the news.

Joe-R-H and I know the roads so we blew off part of the run and hopped on the freeway and went straight to Aliso Cyn. We stationed ourself at a good vantage point so we could watch the knots of bikes go through. we could here them in the distance, and it really wasn't hard to tell there was some British iron on the way. that was the of the highlight of the day for me., just kick'en it in the shade on the side of the road watching them round the turn and go through a couple of corners as they sped up the hill.
As the day was wearing on and most people headed back to the Dam or home. I got the bright idea to miss (purely by accident of course) the turn off to Big T Cyn and kept on Angeles Forest Rd. I went up the hill again and did a couple of runs down Upper T Cyn. The place was like a tomb and I had it all to myself. Didn't see a car or bike the entire time.
Upper Big T is easily the best road on the crest. It is top gear the whole way down.
I hit reserve on the way home and made with aleast a cup to spare. :)
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I saw 3 MotoMorinis and 3 or 4 Ariel square 4s.2 guys riding on a Vincent heading down Big Tujunga towards Sunland.
I was up and riding under a bright full moon before sunrise.Each canyon I passed had ice cold air spilling out .I met up with the Oceanside contingent at the Ortega Hwy exit and we flew up the 5 to Glendale where we met MattCapri from SoBay Triumph and British Customs on his street tracker.The ride from there to Hansen Dam was a blast .I was chasing guys who had modified big bore Bonnies (93 and well over a Hundred rwhp on those bikes)at Ton + speeds on the 210.Nuts!Pulled in to the lot and quickly saw Jerry, said hey .Took a bunch of photos with the BIR guys,saw all the bikes and just hung out taking it all in.
Went out on the ride and got seperated from our BIR group when they took a last second unplanned detour.We went faster and faster up Aliso and Angeles Crest to catch up.They were way behind us having drinks in Acton.I knew that section of ACH from riding with the RATNET crew in June? so I was expecting the Big Tujunga turnoff and was soon in Sunland.We called to see where the rest were while we had lunch at Bronco's.Yum.Then we went back UP Big Tujunga to wait for them to show at the turnoff ,saw alot of bikes still on the course.Always fun to watch riders spot the turn too late and try to make it anyway.Saw a sportscar(Miata?) get side ways doing just that ,heading right for us.He pulled it out just fine tho..
Back to the dam for goodbyes and then down the 57 with alladinsane and jonnyc from Anahiem and Fullerton,and then to O'side where Steelcap exited and I alone went to San Diego.Home by 430 or so.
Nearly perfect weather and road conditions.Next Hansen Dam Rally is in the spring ,the BSA owners rally.Be there or be square.
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It was good to see all the bikes and dudes from the various groups that I have met over the last year or so. I have ridden this route twice in the past with large groups and was surprised at how few bikes there were on Soledad and Aliso Canyons this time. So I rode the ***** out of it. Much fun, as there were only a handful of vintage bikes and a couple of BMWs to pass, and they were polite enough to move over. As MES pointed out, there was plenty of wind up there, but not enough to affect the ride. Sounds like Meatwagon had fun doing the self-guided tour of the San Gabriel mountains.

Meatwagon DID have fun in the mountains.I would like to do it again ,that's some great riding you have there.I know you will say that there are better loops by far .Someday ,OK?
Here's a little video of the ride (I am not in this video,they were a minute behind me at the start.)
Essoman's BIR Hansen Dam ride video
Next spring when the days are longer you should come on up for the couch tour. 4 days and 1200 miles of Mr Toad's Wild ride.
We'll send you home extra crispy :-D
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