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Any Rocket Pilots going to the Lone Star Rally?

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Didn't see any other Rockets there last year.

They're expecting 200K riders this year.
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I would have LOVED to go.. but alas, the wife says I must go to Nashville this weekend to attend her brother's wedding.
There will be two Rocket's from Wharton, at the rally Sat.
I'm planning on it! I'll look for other Rockets (like I don't always do that anyway!) :)
didn't get to go ,had work comitments may be next year, hope to go to reliant show next week end
Just got back people every where. Great time several Rockets cruising the Strand.

The Gulf Coast Triumph dealer had several Rocket's on display. Even bought a Rocket T-shirt. Seems like a great guy to do business with.
I have seen this one written up in Thunder Press several times. But haven't checked it out yet. Couldn't have this year. Honey Bear has major back problem and hasn't been able to ride lately. We are doing surgery on Thursday. Don't know yet when we will be traveling again on the bikes.
I was there and didnt see any of you guys, guess there were to many cycles there.. I had a blast makin the guys on the crotch rockets wonder what happen when they couldnt keep up with a paw paw special...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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