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Hi folks!

(I also posted this in the cafe section.)

I'm new here and a little overwhelmed by all the info.
If anyone can help, I just got a 95 TB and it has drag
bars on it, no risers. This is too radical for me and I can't
use the mirrors also. (Great view of my chest.)

I would like to change the bars but I also like the
Bella Corse 1/4 fairing and want to get bars that rise a bit
and have some pull back but also accommodate the fairing.
The guy at BC suggested his Norman Hyde M-Bars Handlebars
but also said to check here to see if anyone can advise.

Does anyone have experience with this setup? I would greatly
appreciate any advice.

Also, being totally new to this, I got some bar end mirrors
to help with the situation temporarily. My problem is with the
throttle side. It sticks. The mirrors do not have instructions
I can understand. Any help here would be very much
appreciated, too.

While I'm at it, does anyone know the best source for
accessories? I am also looking at the panniers that follow the
curve of the rear fender. I love them!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

I am very excited to be riding this bike!

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