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Steve, Sounds like you have a great bike.. I grew up on Brit bikes in the 60’s myself.. Until recently I had 2 new Bonnies, a ’69 T120R and a ’71 Norton Commando. I’ve recently downsized, selling the ’69 and a ’03 T100. I have one of the limited edition 50th Anniversary T100s that I’ve put 800+ miles on – I like the fuel injection.

Funny thing.. The new Bonnie shifts like all new 5-speed bikes – left side, 1 down, 4 up. The ’69 was 1 down, 3 up on the right side, and the Norton is 1 up, 3 down, also on the right side. Ya gotta be thinkin’ when you swap bikes.

This past Sunday I had the chance to ride a buddy’s ’39 Indian.. get this. Throttle – left side. Foot clutch – left side. Spark advance (on, toward me, off, away from me) – right side where the throttle is on all ‘normal’ bikes. Shift – ‘suicide’ shift on the right side of the tank.

Brother, I gotta tell ya.. I’ve been riding for 45 years, and it took every ounce of concentration I could muster to get and keep the bike moving… But, once I’d ridden it a few miles, things became a lot easier.

In case you're interested, the lads over on the New Triumph Bonneville Forum will host their annual Bonnie Rally in Cambria, CA in August. Check out the info here:
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