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Hi Steve, nice to meet you. I too have recently aquired a new T100 after 20 + years away from riding. So I know how you feel. I absolutely love my Black and Opal.

Ya, $8K ;) I saw your list of mods.

My Togas are also on backorder. Norman said in an email yesterday they are putting in overtime and the Togas should be shipped in three weeks. Lets hope so (I agree that he should have seen spring coming - It must be all that hand polishing:rolleyes:). I think that the NH Classics will be the most important mod I will be making on the bike.

The remap thing has been well hashed out on this forum and I am going to run the factory map at first to see how it runs. (I hope I get some nice popping on decel just like the Triumphs of old). I know there are several of us here who are interested to see if you end up remapping and your ride impressions before and after.

Ride safe and have fun.
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