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I thought I'd post this for reference for the next time this happens to someone else. Or maybe if it happens to me in 5 years and I forget how I fixed it, this will come in handy.

The fuel cap lock was a little hard to turn at a few gas stops, until finally it almost stranded me by seizing completely. Fortunately I wasn't far from home.
I tried progressively scarier solvents, up to and including a splash of acetone, and the lock was still seized up solid.

I took it to a locksmith. They pronounced it hosed. Said I could drill it out, but I might blow my wedding tackle off because the tank is full of fuel/air mixture.

I hammered in a flat screwdriver, put vice grips on the screwdriver, and turned the lock right away. This is the ticket. Time is money, go screwdriver early.
This didn't do the appearance any favors, but you can't tell when the little dust cover tab is flipped down.

Once it was open I could get to the last screw to take the cap assembly completely off. I disassembled the whole thing. The lock plug had to be pounded out from the bottom.
The lock plug and housing had lots of white corrosion jammed between them. I sanded that out and sanded both smooth.
I filed the heck out of the little brass plates that this lock uses instead of pins. As it is now, there's only about 1 or 2 of these plates preventing the lock from spinning freely.
It turns easily with the key now. I wish I had taken some pictures with it apart.

I reassembled the whole thing minus a couple of little flat metal thin washers. I didn't see much point to them because they didn't keep corrosion out and I think they prevented the thing from being loose in the housing, which made is easier for the corrosion to seize it up.

If it gets stiff again, I'll epoxy the brass plates in place and file off anything that protrudes. Or I'll just buy a racing fuel cap.
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