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Another dead biker

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got stuck behind the meatwagon on the ortega this sunday, road closed, another motorcycle fatality, car actually tried to run , bad Karma, So Cal riding is russian roulette.
you guys in the sticks are truly blessed with open roads :mad:
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You got that right! Move on out to rural Ga. man, you'll love it...
Right now I'm 2 hours from the Mountains, 2.5 hours from the coast, and 7 hours from Daytona.....and none of it using the Interstates!
It is never easy to hear of someone dying. My heart goes out to all of the familys.
But as far as living in the boonies is concerned go to the twins forum. It is listed as "I wanted to list this on the Bonneville forum". A friend of mine's step father was killed on a rural road in Blanchard Okla. Bad deal.
But I do imagine California is bad. We all have to be more careful everywhere. The deer are out this time of year & as I rode home on the dark country road (looked like sleepy hollow) last night in the fog I figured I would just go slower. What I slowed down to was 50 mph. I guess if you hit a deer at 50 that isn't slow. I have seen deer run out in front of me 3 times here. I should have been on the freeway with the cages.
Ortega for years was a fun road with it easy curves and minimal traffic, along with a destination for riders to hang out. In recent times (the last 5 years or so), traffic on this two lane pass has increased dramatically. Other than the 241/91 it is the primary connection to the Temecula/Elsinore valley from the OC side and vice versa.

A couple of factors have caused this... Prices of homes in OC, drive people out to other areas where they can afford them. Traffic into wine country, casino alley, in & out of OC, where the jobs versus home is...

Ortega was a road to nowhere at one time, which kept traffic to a minimum. That now has all changed. I go up this way for a stop off at Hells Kitchen or The Lookout, but you can be sure I take my time. The local authority presence should be enough as well as pressure is on them to "keep it safe" and in it's current state as a two lane / pass / access road is hard to maintain.

Please keep in mind in no way does this reflect on the incident or indicate fault as accidents such as this are a weekly occurrence.

My thoughts go out to those affected by this incident as always when one of us goes down.

Roads of legend change over time. Be safe. As far as being in the boonies, accident occur everywhere. Left hand turns by cages with kids, radios and cell phones. Highway makeup artists and proofreaders. Being in the boonies can also mean less maintenance performed on roads, and more time for response if an incident were to occur.

It sucks when it happens, it sucks worse when one loses a life or causes another to.

Sometimes it these types of things that make me want to ride and clear my head.
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I do the Ortega to get from my house in Murrieta to Irvine for meetings a couple times a month and I gotta tell you, I've never seen dualie pick up trucks driven so hard through corners! People fly on that road. Thank God there isn't much cell service through there. It IS nice when you get it uncrowded though. Still safer than the 91 and 15 though as long as you keep your head on straight.

I mostly hit De Luz and La Cresta for the secluded stuff that's close to home.
I live in SoCal. I only ride close to home— Malibu, Thousand Oaks, PCH and Agoura Hills. Santa Monica Mountains area. It's great. I hate the freeways, but you can manage if you are VERY careful. People always on cell phones driving. One time some lady crossed over (5 lanes) from the oncoming direction almost took us all out. She looked up in the nick of time and swerved back into the oppoiste side again. She was dialing her phone. Motorcyclists drive like sh*t here too. I see street bikes go over the cliffs on the weekends. Harleys hopping from bar to bar on Saturdays. Driving buzzed. I like my slow little Scrambler. Nothing to do but ride and listen.
I live in Belgium. 10 million inhabitants-like greater London...
in 2004 we had 137 motorcycle fatalities. Things are getting better but 4 days ago four more didn't make it- one speed case, one police chase, two cars who did't see the bike...
One out of three Belgian bikers stated they had an accident or a fall in the last 5 years...
BTW, I crashed 3 years ago, avoiding a MOTORCYCLE running a red light. Not to seriously hurt and taken in account I saw fit to ride 25 years without mishap after a motorway accident in '79 I'll be in my eighties when the next spill is due.

I'll remember the ones we have lost.
No denying the risks out there boys.

There's bad luck and then there are bad decisions. Be smart and cut your risk by half. Your family will thank you.

Once upon a time in Northwest Indiana, there were several very fun roads to ride. Many have been swallowed up by subdivisions, shopping malls and the like. There are many nice roads but what used to take 15 minutes to get to now takes an hour of driving through a Starbucks fueled shooting gallery. And you wonder why we get label "hooligans"? It's called self defence. So many folks just driving along minding traffic laws and flow get run flat. God bless the fallen.

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Ugh, I was just on Ortega last weekend. :(
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