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When 2008 T100 was stock (fall and winter), it had no cold engine (or cold weather) start up problems at all--simply pull choke out, press ignition, fired right up, RPMs would steadily increase above idle, ride off, gradually push choke as engine warmed up, RPMs drop down to proper idle.

At beginning of spring, I put on Togas, installed Unifilter, and rejetted mains to 120 and added 1 shim. Did not change pilots. Now in warm weather a cold engine will fire up with choke out, but idle drops after about 30 seconds and engine dies. I've tried pilot screw positions anywhere from 2 turns to 3.5 turns out from seated, but it made no difference--same problem.

Only thing that seems to work with cold engine is to pull choke out, fire up, and then turn idle screw in when RPMs begin to drop; then I can ride off, and as engine warms up I push the choke in and have to turn the idle screw back out to go back down to proper RPMs.

If engine is warm, there's no problem starting.

I've checked the squirrel condoms to see if I dislodged something, and they're still on, so that's not it. I've just recently added a little STP carb cleaner additive to the gas, but I've haven't had a chance to run it enough to see if that will make any difference. I have generally run nothing but Chevron with Techron, except for a couple of tankfulls recently when I was in a place where I had no option.

I've looked at lots of threads here, but I'm still not sure what's wrong. Why won't she warm up the way she used to? The fact that opening up the pilot screws as far as 3.5 turns made no difference really has me puzzled.

The one thing I have yet to do is rebalance the carbs after rejetting. Would that cause this type of problem?

Any suggestions?
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