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Another bloody exhaust question ...

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Hey, has anybody from Australia bought and fitted either Chain Reaction or M4 pipes?

I've browsed through most of the opinion I could find here and these keep jumping out at me. I just need to find either a reseller down here or speak to someone who has had them shipped in.

Knowing my luck customs will hold the bloody things and try to whack some stupid import tax/tariff/bribe onto the price.

And no, Im sorry, I just cant get my head around those Zards. They freak me out.
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1050Pome has the chainreactions on his bike. I can't remember exactly where he's located in OZ, I'll send him a pm fer ya and direct him to this thread. :wink: :-D
Thanks man, much appreciated.

Nice bike, and the colours right. Despite all the comments abot black I had to stick with yellow myself. ( Hope I didnt stick my foot in my mouth with the Zards comment. :) )

The hill in the background looks a little like Pigeonhouse Mountain down here on the south coast - couldnt ride up that though without a trailbike ...
m4 rules man. it rules like no other. capiche? :wink:
Thanks for the PM cheap, being your usual helpful self :-D I got the Chain reaction system fitted Ripthirty and they are superb. Sound/performance/weight all top quality. They look good too:


I had some problems with customs, had to pay GST, import duty and a few other bits and pieces but don't let that put you off. Bob who owns the company is a top bloke and a great deal of help. If you need any more info send me an e-mail. I'm probably going to be down in Sydney for the midweek madness run in a couple of weeks. If you v=can make it you could see them in person :-D
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Thanks 1050Pome - that bike has some serious paintwork.

I'll shoot through an email. I can hear :-g calling.

(But which one is LOUDER. The carbon M4's perhaps ...?)
Hey 1050,man that bike nearly gives me a HORN :-D :-D :-D
On 2007-02-07 01:09, RipThirty wrote:

(But which one is LOUDER. The carbon M4's perhaps ...?)
according to limey, the chainreaction's are louder. :-D But dare I mention it, I believe the Zard is a bit louder. :)
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