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Alright guys a little brotherly live please:

Some [email protected]€€o+, €oc%$u€%£r
M0+#£RFu€%£R stole the Anodized Axle Nut Cover off my Speed.
So I searched for used ones on the bay, here,and other places. I found 1. Either raw AL or clear Anodized.
1) I've never seen one clear or raw colored for our speeds. Any one else?
2) I'm not sure this ones for Speeds though the expanding collett does fit.
3) it looks like it leaves a small amount of hub exposed.

Anyone able to look at theirs and see if there Triumph AANC leaves hub other than wheel black visible?

Can anyone snap me a pic of their AANC/Speed; straight on at 90 degrees and of the rear tire at an oblique angle?

I'm looking at the fit on the nut cover to see if mine is adequate or I'm looking at using it for now until I can find a good price on a used Black Anodized.
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