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An inexpensive mini turn signal indicator mod for the rear

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Here's an inexpensive way to mount a set of rear mini turn signal indicators under the seat:

The pics:

From the side

From the rear

The left side (close up)

The right side (close up)

The wiring on top of the rear mudguard

The wiring on top of the rear mudguard (close up)

*Note: I couldn't get a good photo of the wiring under the rear mudguard. I'll post a pic when I can get one.

What you need:

(2) 1" P-clips (I got mine at Napa, but they can be found elsewhere ) [cost: $.99/each]
(1) 4' section of red power wire [cost: approx. $1.00]
(1) 4' section of black ground wire [cost: approx. $1.00]
(1) 1" rubber grommet [cost: approx. $.50]
(1) 3' section of heat shrink tubing [cost: approx. $4]
(5) small zip ties [cost: I can't recall...let's say pennies]
Total cost: approx. $8.50

I hope this is helpful. If anyone has any questions about this mod, if you have any suggestions to improve upon the mod, please let me know. Cheers & safe, fun riding.

P.S., I have a similar mod for the front. Once I get it completed, I'll shoot some pics and post that too. Cheers.

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That's sweet thanks! I want to do something like this also.
I'd love to see the front signals when they are done if you don't mind.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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