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Hi guys,
I finally made it on a ride of substance. Work has played havoc with my free time, but yesterday I got to join about 10 others on a day trip out of Perth. It was windy but still 35 degC.
We knew each other from working together, but it was a bit of a surprise to see what everyone turned up on. Variety was certainly the key. We had 2 Harleys, 2 R1s, a Monster and an ST2, a big Suzi V-twin, a VTR1000, Speedie and something else wot I don't recall. Funny how Speedie attracts wary looks and the usual questions. They treat it like a Pit Bull... they've heard the stories, but it can't be all true, right?
Well after doing some restrained twisty hill work, we settled in for a 50km blast on quiet straightish country roads. The two R1s were certainly the business here, but Speedie had a few of the others doing double takes as they were rounded up on sweepers at 180km/hr +.
At lunch, I smiled a lot on the inside when several riders spoke of being amazed at that unfaired black thang passing then pulling away from them. "Gotta bit of stick, that thing!" I love Speedie just a little more today.
If you own it... go and ride it, life is great.
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