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Am I the only one?

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Hi all.

I don't know if it's me, but the double bubble screens which are supposed to be "better" than the stock late 955i Daytona screen aren't. Not in my opinion anyway.

I came from an '05 with a stock screen (which I had ordered a Skidmarx for) and then wrecked the bike in a moment of lunacy...

So, the insurance paid for a new black '06 and I installed the Skidmarx Double Bubble onto the new bike.

I now reckon I have more helmet noise, more head buffeting and more discomfort than the stock '05 gave me. The wind is certainly shifted upwards, the '05 laid it on my chest and left my head in clean air (IMO), not so with the double bubble.

So, am I the only one the think that this is a retrograde step? I'm 6'1" by the way, so not a short arse anyway.

I'm not a lover of the term "devil's advocate" but I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone else thinks that things were smoother with the stock unit.

Linz :)
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I added a double bubble to compensate for a more upright position with my Helibars. Works great. But I could see that with the stock bars the double bubble would move wind blast above the chest and cause more buffeting.

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