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Alpinestars is one of the premier Racing lines of gear in the United States to day. They didn't get there way by making ok product. They are among the top performers in the World. The Italian company makes many top level products from leather suits to boots all the way to neck braces.

We here at STG are proud to carry the Alpinestars Line and for our customer are even more proud to offer High end suits at a closeout price where everyone can buy one.

The CR-1 is an entry level suit for trackdays that features their Multi-stitched main seam, GP protectors, and ergonomically placed stretch panels for optimal flexibility. This suit also has a removable liner, and the YKK semi auto locking zippers.

We have the Alpinestars CR-1 Suit on Closeout, Retail was $799.95; no on closeout for $599.95. That is just over 25% off retail. HUGE SAVINGS.

We have 2 video reviews here on the CR-1. Please watch them for more in-depth knowledge of the suit.

The Alpinestars CR-1 comes in a few color waves, and can be seen on this page of our website.

If you have any questions or would like to order a set of leathers give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

In this picture you can see the front and back of what it looks like.

This suit offers perforation as most suits in the Alpinestars line. The main points of entry will be in the chest and the shoulders/arms.

In this picture you can see the smaller aero hump used on the CR-1, this aero hump also has perforation in the top to allow more air flow.

Like other Alpinestars suits this one uses a nice accordion style stretch panel for the knees.
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