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There are so many reasons you should ride with motorcycle earplugs. The main reasons being wind noise from a motorcycle helmet, a loud ass exhaust, and perhaps a reason for wanting selective hearing... which can all be expensive problems to have unless you have some quality and affordable earplugs such as well, Alpine Earplugs. Alpine Motosafe earplugs dampen the harmful sounds at a drastic rate. The volume is lowered to a safe level without a fully closed off feeling thanks to the special filters inside the plugs. You can still hear the traffic around you and remain focused on your motorcycle.

Check out the Alpine Hearing Protection here!

Which earplugs are right for me?
There are 3 different choices when it comes to motorcycle earplugs from Alpine Hearing Protection. Tour, Race, and Pro.
Tour - One set for tours and long distance travels on the highway (SNR 17) Medium attenuation
Race - One set for the race track or with an open helmet (SNR 20) Heavy attenuation
Pro - Two sets being one Tour and one Race (SNR17 / SNR20) Medium and Heavy attenuation
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