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AI on all (newer) Bonnevilles?

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forward: sorry for the nob question.

All the newer Bonnevilles use the air injection in the exhaust, correct? It's not just the CA bikes?

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Sorry, Don, but some of us leave the AI alone. My bike is fine with it and runs like a dream.

Call me a trog.

Monte :-D
pabonne: kinda like the guy who goes into the marina shop to buy some fish hooks and comes out owning a 60 foot yacht. But I know the feeling: once you start where do you stop?

My bike is bone stock by choice. I do have touring accessories but no performance mods at all. Not quite sure why you had popping on decel, I never have; nor am I sure about the running super lean, other than the stock settings are lean for environmental reasons. But my plugs don't look like they are burning up or anything like that. In any case, neither would be affected by the AI tho, since it is downstream of the combustion cycle.

As for the harder starts at lower temps, I have that problem too. I do find that if I turn it on and just leave it on for a minute or so to allow the carb heaters to warm up it will start on the second or third dab of the starter. It is no more cold blooded than many of the other bikes I have owned, and less than most.

I too get really good mileage, over 50mpg routinely, even at higher highway speeds (70-80). In fact, it gets better mileage than my 550 Hawk - at any speed.

It will be interesting following your adventures in mod-land. Do keep us informed.

Meanwhile, with this great weather I hope you can get some pleasure riding done (or is the bike still down from the busted carb?

Regardless, enjoy the Bonne and ride as soon as you can.

Oh, and LIJ: I like blue pipes so that isn't an issue with me. But some folks here are absolutely paranoid about them. Most of my old bikes in the 60s, 70s had blued pipes so its sort of what I grew up with.

Monte :cool:
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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