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Ah Christ! She wont start!

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Well... I just went to fire speedy up and run her around back to put in the garage.... and she wont start!

At first I turned the key to on and NOTHING lit gauge cluster or head lights. I just pushed her about a block to get her in the garage and now when i flip the key to on.... the headlights come on but nothing else. I Tried starting her up.... but no go either.

I was pretty carful with what I sprayed with water. I only got the gauge cluster a little wet and everythign under the seat is still dry.

I did give the engine a good spray down though.

Any insight??? Im sure this has happened to someone before... I never would of imagined the bike would be so finiky it wouldnt start if it got a little wet. :( :( :(
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Check the kill switch!

***** I feel like a boob! I always turn it on and off with the key and never use the kill switch... somehow I must of flipped it when I was drying the ***** thing off! Im used to kill switches that are spring loaded....


feel free to mock me... I deserve it :kck:
*****! just as im trying to scroung up a hundred to get those block off plates from Kuhlka
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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