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I can't really see any upside on replacing the tach with after-market - would suggest to just look for a used OEM replacement.
Speedo I could certainly understand - to replace the mechanically cable-drive unit with an electronic instrument. I've actually done that with a pro-meter but it wasn't trivial. (if you search you can find the 'how-to')
Now I believe the way to go would be to use a Sprint ST speedo and front wheel sender (which is actually mechanically a direct fit to your S3 wheel). Normally the sender inputs to the ECM which in turn drives the speedo, but I think that the sender could drive the instrument directly in a retrofit situation.
I would suggest a nice project would be to find a used ST panel and swap out both the tach & speedo gauges and re-wire accordingly. I can help you with the wiring requirements if you need some help.
Then you'd also have a matched set of gauges in the S3 cluster (which I always liked aesthetically on that vintage)
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