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Hi all: This might be my first post.

I am in the U.S. (east coast) and own a 2016 Triumph Speedmaster. I have been looking for aftermarket support or custom shops to transform my bike. In fact, I've looked and called around in vain. Out of frustration, I bought a Harley, customized the heck out of it with happy results and have put my Speedmaster up for sale online.

But I enjoyed my Speedmaster. So, before I let it go, was wondering if anyone else knows where I can turn to for parts to modify:

Rims -- wanted mag wheels of a different pattern
Eliminate plastic parts and cover battery -- any ideas for replacement of the plastic piece(s) above the battery box
Chain drive -- has anyone done the belt drive conversion? Any pros and cons?
Saddle change -- I like the "lines" or flow of the saddle but my passenger wasn't comfy on the back

Overall, I'm steering away from the British look (if there's such a thing) and had plans for a custom paint job and chroming (or powder coating) of miscellaneous parts.
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