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if you could help me please

I would like to go out and buy all the stuff that i will need to replace my A.I. a kind of a do it yourself kit for my Thruxton.

don't want to pay $25 for it

so what I'm looking for is the

1. 2 bolts ( size ?) coarse of fine, length
2. copper washers size ?
3. is a a 13/16 plug for the air box and buy from where ?
4. caps for the carbs size and where to buy from?
anything else?
I hate to pull it off and not have the parts on hand.

if you have pictures that would be nice too.

thanks Gents.


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I used Nissan oil drain plugs that were 12mm X 1.25 as have a number of people. got em at Pep Boys. For the manifold nipple just get a pack of rubber caps also abvailable at any auto parts store. The hole in the airbox is where i had the problem. It's not juast a hole cut into the plastic, it has walls. In other words, it's like putting a plug in a pipe, so some plugs won't hold and any backfire or pressure in the box will expel it. So i go a rubber cork available at any hardware store. They are of course tapered. So i cut off the ends to get just the right size taper and then siliconed it in to make sure it stays. To be honest tho, it's not worth the trouble and i'd say just buy the kit for a few reasons....the parts will cost you $7-10 anyways, so the cost isn't as much but it does make the savings less attractive. The hassle of running around and finding the parts. The kit bolts are much nicer and you can get them to match the engine (black or silver) and some even have the little union jack on em. I later $hitcanned my bolts and got them. The nissan bolts looked cheesy by comparison.

It's your call, but if you can afford the bike in the 1st place i'd say you can afford the $25 or whatever it is. It'll save you the hassle and time and looks better.
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