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Hello all

Well I have decided to buy a 1996 TB Agean Blue with 9K miles on the clock. Thanks to all for there advice regarding the valve problem (see other thread).

Comfort - can I adapt the stock seat with a bit more foam as I'm a big lad and it look waffer thin. If so anyone in the UK know where to get it done, cost etc?? If not then does the bonneville comfort seat fit?

I've heard that changing the front sprocket for a 18/19 will give more MPG is this true and if so how difficult is it to do so?

I'm trying to get a rack for it but I'm finding this a problem, I need to put a top box on. Any ideas where to get one in the UK? I've got the same problem with the fender extender, nothing on flea bay and can't find an other supplier.

Any help would be great.



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Sprint Manufacturing should have both a rack (Renntec) & a fender extender. Excellent vendor, very helpful. I have the Renntec & use a Givi top box for touring, works fine.

A lot of us find the 5 speed models undegeared in top. A bigger g/box sprocket is common mod & imo makes for more relaxed cruising revs & better mpg. 18t is a good compromise. 19t can make 1st gear a bit tall although I found no problems in top gear torque with this. I use an 18t now. Going bigger on the front sprocket also helps reduce wear on the swing arm slipper (underside).

I find the seat ok (mine is a keylock Tbird type, same as yours) but a lot of folks have wanted to improve seat comfort. A search on 'seat mods' or other terms should raise a few threads on this. I'm sure others will chime in too.

Congrats & welcome to the classic triples club :)
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