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Part 1 of the transformation of my 2002 Bonnie. I previously had a Renntec rear rack with a top case, but didn't like the look and wanted more storage capacity.

So the Renntec rack came off (will be for sale, BTW) and in its place I put on a set of side racks from Happy-Trail in Idaho.

I have to say, this is a VERY solid rack! All steel and it feels very rigid.

Installation was pretty easy and took me maybe an hour and a half at most.

I went with the Happy Trail kit because of all the ones I looked at online this one seemed to be the most rugged. It's not as pretty as some of the other ones but once my cases are on you won't see it anyway. It's comparably priced to the likes of Hepco & Becker and some of the others, and way less than I paid for the Metal Mule kit I had on my Scrambler.

Here are some photos for those who are interested. You can see how it attaches to the frame. As far as I know this should work on most air cooled bonnies except the Scrambler and maybe the Thruxton.


There is a pretty substantial "crossover brace" that secures the lower rear portion of the rack.


Overall I think this will be the perfect rack for what I'm planning. Now to get the actual cases. Stay tuned!
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