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Hey guys,

I swear I have up and down the forum and search for weeks before writing this. I am trying to install an Acewell 2853 Speedo on my 14 Thruxton EFI. Cant seem to get the right wiring down for post 13 model year w/EFI CANBUS.

Where Im at I have the stock speedo board ready to mount in headlight and know that I can pull the hi-beam, r/l turn signals, neutral, ground and constant power from stock harness. I am stuck with the fuel, switch and speed sensor.

See posted diagram and notes... All help appreciated as I want to nail this down ASAP!!! Thanks in advance

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...welcome to the coolest site on the net. Whereas this is the welcome
area it is in great taste to visit here and say....Hi. :D

If you take your question to the appropriate thread you will receive
LOTS more attention, great insights, and then many lurkers will enjoy
the questions and answers. :)

The forum moderator will be along shortly with the links to get you
there. Happy surfing, safe riding, and have a super day.

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Welcome to the forum!

The Welcome Center is reserved for introducing yourself to the membership. While your inquiry may get some attention here, the best place to ask this question is the Twin Talk forum. There you will find the folks with the knowledge and experience to assist you.

You may also want to repost this in the Club Café. Many Thruxton riders there.

Best of luck getting your wiring sorted.

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