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On 2006-12-11 07:38, Treehugger wrote:
A tip which doesnt always ring true, but if youre moving down a stationary line of traffic, dont espect any indication from a sudden mover, but in many cases I've found, they do think about it for a sec then go. In the think process they do turn the wheel as if should i? shouldnt i? (is it worth it) it's when they decide "f&*k it yeah" they dont look and just pull out. This is also why they can look to see if its safe but in the thinking time you enter the picture. You can see the car thinking what hes about to do sometimes, if not you may see that the front wheels are looking like they're not happy just sitting in the line of traffic and are pointing to the on-comming lane indicating a likely move.
Sound advice.

well done on the correctly dressed pillion, the amount of time I'm spent convincing a girl to "also" use the trousers when popping out... As a single guy I think I own more girl bike gear than a blokes! why do they have to come in so many shapes and sizes??
No way do you get away with that excuse! "I own more girl bike gear than a blokes" on the offchance you might have a pillion.. yeah riiiiight! :-D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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