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I'm really sorry to here about your smash.

Just for the record, I had a smash in September. I am in the middle of a personal injury claim... I got the money to replace the bike (mine was a write off - but I'm gonna get her back on the road - eventually) and while I was injured that badly, I had time off work, and I need the money from the overtime that I lost to pay for the flight to see my sis in Oz in March. That and as Americas are not easy to get hold of second hand..I had to buy new... :-D but it's left me really skint.
I would have bothered with that half of the claim, but it would get me out of the financial quagmire I'm in... I just wanted to get back on the road.
I'd use his insurance to pay for new levers, and choke knoe and a new pair of boots.
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