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I have the opposite problem. When I twist the throttle the power comes on more abruptly than I think it should.
I am not new to bikes but new to Triumphs. I just bought a 2006 Bonneville T100. Man, I love this bike! When I bought it, I noticed that there was quite a lag and jerk when I twisted the throttle. No big deal I figured, I will just learn how to finesse the throttle. However, it has been a month and as much as I try to be smooth and controlled, I still get that lag and jerk of power when I give it gas. This makes me nervous when I am in a corner. I go in slow and come out fast. I have to be right-on with the application of the throttle, otherwise it may jerk as the power comes on and that is not what I need.

Is this just how the T100's work and I have to accept it, or is there something I can tweak?

The only mods I know of on this bike was the aftermarket peashooters (that sound awesome) and the removal of the AI, I still need to "look inside" for other potential mods.

Any suggestions?
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