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73 t100r cleaned out sludge trap and finally got the botom back together. should i lubricate the new bored barrel before putting the pistons back. also should i put some special oil on top of the piston to help break in the new rings etc.. i will send some pictures of the bike once the valves are done and its back together. i am gettin closer finally.

thanks in advance

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I'm embarrassed that I can't remember how we assembled mine ...

I want to say that I wiped the cylinders with WD40 ... but I could be wrong ...

Either way, 500s are notorious for not wanting to seat rings. I rode mine with 'rolling throttle' for 1000 miles. I never let the RPMs 'sit' ... I was always either accelerating or decelerating. I could actually feel the compression go up drastically in the 600 - 800 mile range ... When first assembled, you could EASILY kick it through with your hand ... it felt like it had almost no compression. Now, she's good to go ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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