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I had my heart set on a 2014 Honda CB1100. For the longest time I was planning to find a 1970 CB750 and treat it as a project bike, but I realized I like riding more than I like fixing. The CB has the style I was looking for, but the $10K price tag had me hesitating.

Two days ago a friend of mine happens to mention his neighbor is trying to get rid of his 2012 Thruxton. Less than 1,000 miles, and he never rides it.

I stopped by and checked it out, going for a test ride on Saturday.

While the bike looks very clean, I do have some concerns. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on if they're valid!

I haven't spoken directly to the owner (just his neighbor, my friend), but here's what I know:
- It was repainted from black to grey because the owner wanted the tank stripe to continue past where it normally stops from the factory. (This is my biggest concern. I like factory everything and repainting for the sake of repainting is silly to me). It's missing the Triumph emblems as a result. The paint itself is fine, but it is chipping slightly at the seams. Big deal?

- The left side (only, inexplicably) has black engine covers. The right side is the stock chrome. I asked if he laid it down (which there are zero signs of) and the neighbor says no, that the left side parts were available at the time and he never got around to doing the right side. Plausible, but still... concerning.

- There are several other mods (new bars, tighter suspension?) that I'm not fully aware of. Again, with me wanting pure stock ideally, this is a stretch.

Beyond that, it's outside of my expertise! If anyone sees anything suspicious from the pictures, please let me know. I've done my research on the value and have an idea of what to offer him, but if you have insights on that as well let me know.

All in all, it seems like a very clean, low mileage bike that happens to have mods. Let me know if there's something I should ask about specifically.

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