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A weird problem, suggestions?

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I was riding on the weekend and came to a stop at my sister's house. When I stopped, bike in 1st gear, clutch in and front brake on, the whole instrument cluster went blank and the bike died. Strange. I checked the fuses and the 15amp fuse for starting the bike was blown. I replaced it and no problems. The other day I was wheeling the bike out of my condo complex parking lot (bike in neutral, ignintion on ready to start) and the tachometer needle flicked up for a brief second (up to maybe 2K rpm) as I was coasting (bike turned off) out of the parking lot, then the fuse blew again.

This morning I went out to start the bike, had it in neutral, ignition on and the bike not moving and the tach needle jumped up again to 2K rpm before I started the bike; no fuse blown this time though. Also, it takes about a minute or so before the tach will flick; the bike being in neutral, turned off but the power switch on.

I'm thinking a short somewhere, and possibly related to the tach wiring. I did pull the body panels off and the tank out and checked all the wiring I could see but nothing looked like it was shorting. I also pulled the ignition switch off and apart and nothing there as well. Any clues?

Thanks in advance,
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I was check the wires near your feet. I know the little rubber boot on mine near the footpeg is starting to show some wear. Maybe something simple. One thing that might be obvious is the ground wire on the a few posts lately where people have tightened it up and it has fixed weird electrical problems.
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