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A Total Black Out

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I have been printing off photos of every Bonneville Black I see on this forum for reference. I realized that all of these have chrome or that polished metal somewhere on the bike. I remember seeing a Japanese cruiser in a magazine that was offered in total black. Even though that would be the last bike I would ever consider owning, it was an interesting look. Has anyone here considered or tried a total black bike, including shifter, shocks, bars, wheels, levers, etc.? For some reason, I keep picturing a completely blacked out Bonneville with big off-road tires.
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A buddy of mine is doing that to his Warrior. I think it's going to look great.

I've thought about doing this with mine but I'm still liking the way it looks now for the most part.

And, I'm wondering just how blue I can get my pipes before I switch 'em out or paint 'em black! :cool:
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